What is effecting your chances of getting a job?

Your CV is the first representation of your skills, qualifications and suitability for the role you are applying for and the interview is to ensure you are a perfect fit for the role.

Making sure your CV is comprehensive and tailored is the first step. Find our top tips for CV here.

If you have passed the CV hurdle but are struggling to get past the interview stage then here are a few things that maybe hindering your progress.

  1. How early you arrive

Although it looks good if you arrive 10 minutes early for an interview, arriving too early could be hurting your chances. Research shows that arriving up to half an hour early can make you look anxious or put pressure on the interviewer so if you do arrive early, grab a coffee or take a walk.

  1. What you do whilst you are waiting

Avoid using your phone or eating and drinking. You never know when the interviewer will meet you so always be prepared to shake hands and proceed to the interview. Try reviewing any notes you have taken or glace at any company material.

  1. How you treat the receptionist

Employers want to know how you will work with colleagues, so always make sure you are courteous and professional.

  1. Checking your watch or phone

Doing this will make you look disinterested and disrespectful. When confirming the time and place of your interview ensure you always have enough time to travel and complete the interview.

  1. Posture

When you are in your interview make sure you are sitting up straight and have an appropriate smile on your face. Slouching or looking disinterest can show your lack of commitment to the role and also a lack of respect for the interviewer.

If you are unemployed and struggling with your job search, send us your details here and an Employment Adviser will be in touch.