The Work Routes Journey – Magda’s Story

Magda has been on the Work Routes programme in Chelmsford for 2 months. Magda was referred to the Work Routes programme from her adviser from her local Job Centre Plus.

This is how Magda has described the programme so far “Amazing, because I have received a lot of support here”.

Before joining the Work Routes programme Madga had recently become a single mother of 2 and was struggling on job seekers allowance. Magda had been previously educated in Columbia as a biomedical scientist but found it difficult to find work because of her visa and registration.

Work Routes have helped her with her registration and supported her throughout the process. Work Routes have funded her registration fee as well as reviewing all forms and paperwork.

“I just think that it is an excellent programme and I’m glad that I have benefited from this”

Magda is hopeful that once her documents have been completed and accepted she will be able to find work quickly.

“We want to work we are keen, but for some reason you need that push, help and support.”

Work Routes can help support you into work through a personalised and tailored plan. We help write your CV, apply for jobs, offer exclusive vacancies and can help with the costs of travel, work clothes and organising childcare. Sign up here for our 1-2-1 help.