International Volunteer Day

Samira offered permanent employment after volunteering

To mark International Volunteer Day 2019, we’d like to highlight a great example of how volunteering can lead to permanent job.

Samira Pirayesh first joined Work Routes in September 2019 and had been out of work on ESA for 16 years and suffered from anxiety and was lacking self-confidence.

With the help of Work Routes, she was initially offered a volunteering position at Wintercomfort in Cambridge and within just a few weeks, was offered a permanent position.

Increasing Samira’s confidence

When Samira joined Work Routes, she hadn’t worked for nearly two decades and had very low self-esteem and levels of confidence. Despite this, she really wanted to make a new life for herself so she decided to join the programme.

Having not worked for 16 years, her Employment Adviser, Alex Willard helped her to create a plan of how she could address her mental health concerns, expand her skill set and increase her confidence levels.

Training courses

To help Samira increase her confidence, Alex suggested she attend the Customer Service Course where she was able to improve her communication skills as well as making her more self-assured.

She also attended an Excel training course so she could become more computer literate for future roles she would be applying to.

These training courses and workshops helped her to believe in herself more and equipped her with the confidence she needed to prepare her for future job applications and interviews.

How volunteering helped Samira’s career

After completing these courses, Samira felt confident enough to apply for an interview for a voluntary position at Wintercomfort, which is a day centre which supports homeless people or people at risk of losing their home in Cambridge.

She performed extremely well in the interview and was offered a voluntary position. However, within just a few weeks, she impressed Wintercomfort so much that she was offered a permanent position.

We asked Samira what she thought of the support and guidance she received from Work Routes:

“I personally tell all my friends and family about this organisation because I am so excited about what I have achieved with the help of Work Routes.

I was suffering from depression and anxiety for years before I joined. Now I have started to feel that I am capable of working and making my life. I started to stand on my own feel and feel I am now helping others thanks to the help that Work Routes gave me.”

If you would like us to help you find a voluntary position, part-time or full-time job, you can join our Work Routes programme for free. We can help you overcome any issues you may have with our free courses and interview advice.