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Looking for a Christmas Job?

Are you looking for a Christmas job? There are some great benefits to working over the festive season.


Christmas is an expensive time of year so having some extra cash is an added benefit. Remember that while others are squandering away their pay checks you will be earning.

Skills and Experience

Temporary work is a great way to get varied and interesting experience. Working in a customer service role especially during the busiest time of the year is a great skill to have. It is important to see temporary work as a great use of your time and a great way to show to employers that you are ready and willing to work.

Getting a Christmas job is a great way of getting ‘in’ with employers. Although they may not have the capacity to employ you now, if you show your dedication and hard work you may be considered in the future.


Although you are not a permanent member of the staff, you will still be entitled to employee benefits, which include, sick pay, holiday allowance and flexibility.

Your next step…

Interviewing, learning and earning although temporary are a great way of getting you working permanently. Remember to add your new skills and experience to your CV and feel confident applying for your next position.

For more information on how we can support you in to work, get in touch with your local Work Routes team.