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Jobs for long-term unemployed people

How to get back into work after a long period of unemployment?

You may be finding the prospect of job hunting daunting, especially if you’ve been unemployed for a number of years.  You might be worrying that you’ve been unemployed for too long and that nobody will want to employ you. That is not the case though.

Whether you want to go back to your previous career, or start a fresh, we’ve got the solution.

Want to get back into your previous career?

how to get back to work

Temporary work is a good way to get used to working while gaining experience in your industry. Temp work usually requires a quick start, which is great if you need experience quickly. It will also allow you to discover whether the ways of working in the industry have changed.

Likewise, researching the industry is another important way to discover this and develop a better understanding of how the ways of operating have changed since you last worked. It also demonstrates to the employer that you’re are passionate about the industry and committed to working again. You can demonstrate your knowledge in both your cover letter and during your interview.

Make use of your old contacts; old colleagues may know of job vacancies or be able to put you in contact with someone who can help. Employers usually feel more comfortable to hiring someone who comes recommended to them, so letting your network know that you’re available could be incredibly valuable.

Fancy a career change or have been unemployed for a long time?

jobs for unemployedSo maybe your previous career wasn’t for you, or you’ve been out of work for a long time. There are many jobs that provide on the job training, which means that a lack of experience in the industry doesn’t need to hold you back. There are also plenty of jobs that require little to no qualifications. And just because these jobs are obtainable, it doesn’t mean a low salary. So these make great options when re-entering the job market, either from a different background, or after being long-term unemployed.  Below is just a few, along with their average salaries:


Provide on the job training

Care assistant £19,078

Groundworker £31,787

Firefighter £25,164

Police officer £28,200

Customer service assistant £16,622


No/ few qualifications needed

Shop assistant £16,180

Waiting/ bar staff £19,000

Cleaner £18,579

Estate agent £32,500

Taxi driver £19,255


Where to start?

getting hired

Update your CV

Updating your CV is crucial if you want to stand out and show that you’re really interested in the job. It’s likely that during your career break you picked up some new skills, so make sure to highlight these and how you acquired them. Alternatively, there are many free online courses you can take to give your CV a boost.

Temporary work is a great way to gain some relevant experience, however if you’re finding it difficult to find jobs, volunteering is a really good way to get something more recent on your CV.

Employers will notice the gaps in the CV, so try and fill them with relevant experience (achievements or anything interesting that could help you in your role). Also, be prepared to explain your career break. It’s important to be honest with your potential employer, whether you were made redundant, took a break to raise a family or for personal reasons.

Social media

These days many employers take a look at candidates’ social media profiles before they even interview them. Therefore, it is important to tidy up your social media and make sure your profiles portray the best possible version of you (or are completely private) and don’t show anything that you wouldn’t be happy for your employer to see.


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