Five Unbelievable Jobs You Won’t Believe Exist

As a company that supports unemployed people into work, every now and then we source job vacancies that may not be considered to be your standard every day job.

This got us thinking about what the most unusual job vacancies out there are.  We pulled together five unbelievable jobs that you won’t believe exist!

  1. A Panda Carer

Yes you read that correctly. This job was posted by the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre and involved spending 365 days of the year looking after the pandas and sharing in their joys and sorrow.

Salary £25 500.

  1. A Water slide Tester

Become a water slide tester and you’ll likely be traveling to the world’s most famous You’d be rating water slides based on which slide created the biggest splash and which ones have the highest adrenaline factor.

Salary £27 000.

  1. A Chocolate Taster

What would be better than caring for pandas and testing water slides? Being a Chocolate Taster of course! This one is self-explanatory and a salary in this sector could earn you up to £ 55 000 pounds. Now that’s a job that I would never get tired of.

  1. A Bed Reviewer

Think that you could make a living out of catching forty winks? Roisin Madigan did when she was hired in 2009 to spend a month testing beds for a luxury bedding company and writing reviews about her experiences. Now that sounds like a dreamy job (sorry I couldn’t resist).

Salary: £42 000

  1. A Ravenmaster

Do you live in the London? Why not become a Ravenmaster at the Tower of London. Daily duties include preparing food for the ravens (which could be rat, mice and rabbits) and cleaning their cages. But you will need a minimum of 22 years military service.

Salary: £28 000

So there they are – although we’ve never managed to place our members into jobs quite as unbelievable as these– we do have close relationships with key employers all across the UK. This means that if you’re unemployed and looking for work, we’ll be able to offer you exclusive vacancies for a range of positions spanning a variety of industries.

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