What to expect in your first training session

A Warm Welcome

Going to your first training session can be a nerve-wracking experience but there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about. Your trainer will welcome you into the training room, which you’ll share with around 10 members, and dependent on which course you’re on, you may be given a workbook to complete during the session.

You will then work through a number of tasks designed to improve your confidence as well as fulfill the objectives of the specific session. These could be anything from learning how to write a cover letter to improving your interview skills through practice interviews. Throughout the session there will be lots of opportunities to ask your trainer any questions you may have, as well as breaks to ensure that you can concentrate fully on the session.



I’ve taken the interview skills and self-awareness courses. The atmosphere has been fun and relaxed, this allows me to learn new skills in a great environment. It’s given me a new perspective in how I approach job searching which has helped me in my job search. I’d definitely recommend the training courses as you meet new people, learn new skills, and boost your job prospects!” – Kathryn, Member.


The Atmosphere

You’ll have fun and rewarding tasks to do individually, working within a pair and with the group as a whole. There’s no wrong answer to any questions asked and the environment will be welcoming to all members. We believe that working as a group where opinions are shared brings the best out of everyone and allows members to learn skills in an enjoyable environment.



My adviser Liam has been extremely helpful in building my skills and confidence ready for the workplace and the training I’ve received has been an enjoyable confidence builder! I’ve built my customer service skills through the courses and would definitely recommend them to other members!” – Paul, Member.


Rounding up everything you’ve learnt

As the session comes to a conclusion you’ll revisit what you’ve achieved and the skills that you have learnt. There will be further opportunities to ask questions on what you have been through that day to make sure that you have understood everything that has been said. You’ll also be able to take all materials and workbooks home with you so you can look back on the skills you’ve learnt.

With 92% of members believing that attending a training session will help them to get a job and a further 91% of members recommending our training sessions to friends and family, don’t miss out on  your chance to sign up to our free sessions.