Career Advice

Personalised employment advice

When you’ve sign up to Work Routes we’ll assign you a personal Employment Adviser who will be with you all throughout your job search. Your Employment Adviser will help you with all aspects of your job search; from writing a CV to identifying training opportunities and applying for jobs. 

Our Employment Advisers are friendly, understanding and are experts at helping people find jobs. 

Improve your interview skills

If the thought of doing an interview makes you feel anxious, don't worry. Your Adviser will provide you with training that will help you be interview-ready in no time.

Discuss your career options

Your Adviser will go through your career goals with you and identify what sort of job you'd like

Identify training opportunities and skills gaps

Discuss what may be preventing you from finding work and identify areas that can be improved

Teach you how to job search effectively

You'll receive expert advise on how to find jobs effectively, and apply for them!

Find a job that is right for you

Discover what area of work you think would be right for you and explore vacany options with local employers

CV and Cover Letter Writing

Putting your CV and cover letter together will be far easier when you have support and guidance from your Employment Adviser.

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