5 skills you must have when job searching

Some jobs come with very specific skill requirements, yet general job skills exist that are needed for the vast majority of work positions. Here are five of the most important generalised skills that you will need to land a job and how to get them.


The ability to communicate with colleagues and members of the public is vital to have, and one that is needed for most industries. There are a variety of different communications skills, but in the workplace, it usually refers to interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills. These three skills refer to your ability to:

  • build relationships and interact with other people
  • portray information vocally
  • communicate through a written medium such as an email!


Teamwork is another vital skill to have in the work place and employers expect employees to be team players. This skill ties in with interpersonal communication skills but also connected to other capabilities, such as your ability to be respectful, listen to colleagues and manage conflicts.

Organisational Skills

This refers to using your time, energy and resources in a way that allows you to achieve the things you (or your manager) want to achieve. This involves learning how to manage time, prioritise your workload in order to work efficiently.


Learning skills encompass wanting to understand new things and be able to pick them up quickly. This is an incredibly useful and important skill to have – as employers are often more interested in taking on individuals who are eager to learn. Being a fast learner means you have the ability to do new things and carry out new responsibilities quickly and simply by watching others or following instructions.

Computer skills

Seeing as you’re reading this on a computer – it probably won’t surprise you that we’re living in a digital age. Nowadays, having some form of general technology skills is a must for most jobs. This means that you need to know how to use a computer for everyday tasks such as using a word-processor, sending an email and how to use a photocopier.


When you’re applying for a job, it is likely that employers will want to hear of examples where you have used these skills. Luckily for you, developing these skills could not be easier – we run a number of specialised training courses and one-to-one support that will bring your skillset and employability up to scratch in no time.


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